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Adult fucken chat rooms

and rather reconquer north africa than fucking palestine.: @ anon 3751, epic lol and epic fail on you, the muhammed shown in your link is drawn up by a cartoonist and the turban is actually a bomb, lololo, your prophet gets his head blown off isn't what you meant i assume.. Baaaaaa..of the flock must mean christ is fattening you up for a feast...baaaaa.

ITT: China being top dog in some decades and they will kick islam ass for sure. Anonymous: Actually, it doesn't say that you have to accept jesus..only have to seek forgiveness for your sins and transgressions to be allowed to enter the gates of Mord...

If not, every country will be like Iran today, muzzies don't want that neither !! Heavan (sorry, got my storytime magic places confused again). atheists also respect everybody regardless of who they worship (maybe not respect, but...they're not gonna condemn somebody for having faith in a "false god") unlike jesus who strongly condemns false worship.

Only a prissy arrogant self-important douchebag would worry about what his 'children' think about how cool he is or whatever. like being affraid of a "good and certainly not vengefull god" to begin with..

Anonymous: if you belive in fucking god you may not rape, divorce, take drugs, beat up homeless, ...

Ergo most christfags will burn for their evil against man and nature and their vanity against god. It is a technical exercise to prove something that everybody knows is possible, and anybody could do, if they had that much time to waste.

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Life is the reward, and the punishment.: If there is a God, he won't care which book you found him in and what rules you chose to follow. For instance: I have an elephant charm in my pocket. Anonymous: Atheists are free to believe what they wish, and impose it on everyone. Uncle Harvey: If the point is to make them appear to be photos, it is not art.

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True Wisdom= everything you know is probably wrong! : will be used to pay for equiptment for missionarys in other nations or to the hospital or to help out a family in need (our church bought and owns a house that we use to help people who have lost their home and need help)Anonymous: there is no single hell, there are multiple hells - one for people not being muslims, one for people not being catholics, one for people not being protestants, one for people not being mormons - and perhaps there's an universal hell for people being idiots Anonymous: If an athiest is wrong, God made him that way, knowning the outcome, so its God's sadistic fault. If you believe that god is all powerful, all knowing, perfect, and eternal, and he made a special place for you, that is a big leap.If a Christian is wrong, he wasted his life worshipping false gods, and its his own Damn Fault. If you believe that he gave you all these beautiful senses, and Anonymous: then made 10 special rules, telling you to ignore many of the desires and longings his senses caused, that seems a bit contradictory. Unwarranted extrapolations, logical fallacies, etc.: If there is a God he does not need your devotion or aproval like a low self esteem teenage girl on facebook.But if you believe that in case you break these rules, he made a special place for you, where you can burn in fire and brimstone, in horrible agony, for all eternity, with no hope of escape, because he loves you..... I choose to believe this Anonymous: Life is so much more than just a test. If there is judgement you are judged on how you behave.You're not an atheist if you don't give a shit about whether god exists or not. maybe i even get promoted in your imaginairy hell for my bad behavier and i can destroy other lifes, make them doubt their imaginairy god and stuff .. i wanna facefuck him, you know, stick my arm real deep in his asshole : P: Living a life devoted to beliving in an imaginary person doesnt make you feel foolish? Im not saying dont be a good person and follow things it tells you.just dont believe in a glowing bearded man that lives in the sky Anonymous: What's wrong with hell?Anonymous: lols who wrote this stuff down the crusades were the biggest fail of human history, 9 crusades and only won of them work but only for a while before the christians got their asses handed to 'em Anonymous: the crusades were fucking nonsense, streams of pure european blood were sacrificed for the celibate popes' wet dreams. should have built a wall against muslims like the chinese did against the mongols. I gets mad when you mention my name in trivial reference). ANONYMOUS: What if Christians and Atheists are both wrong, and THOR is the only true god! You christians really have no common fucking sensse at all do you, lambchop?