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Daniel j travanti dating

It had to have been at least 20 years before my teenage idol became the prized possession of the Gay Community. " Learning Lily Tomlin was lesbian made me do a double take.

I think you're referring to a interview he did in 1990. I've never heard him mention being gay since, so I wonder if it was a one time phase or a bout of gender confusion. His lyrics and public persona have a lot of sensitivity and feelings of being an outsider.

Now if Daltrey or Moon would have come out, now that would have been stunning. Five women, four men." Many of Sontag's obituaries failed to mention her significant same-sex relationships, most notably that with Leibovitz.

I was surprised by both Merideth Baxter and George Takei.

Supposedly Takei's sexuality had been an open secret in Trekdom forever but I had never ever heard anyone say anything about it one way or the other.

I am a gay male, and I have a pretty decent record for knowing (or at least strongly guessing) who is or isn't gay.

She never actually came out as such but I was surprised (though in a way I shouldn't have been) later learning about Susan Sontag after her death.. " She says she has been in love seven times in her life, which seems quite a lot. In response to this criticism, The New York Times' Public Editor, Daniel Okrent, defended the newspaper's obituary, stating that at the time of Sontag's death, a reporter could make no independent verification of her romantic relationship with Leibovitz (despite attempts to do so).[26] After Sontag's death, Newsweek published an article about Leibovitz that made clear reference to her decade-plus relationship with Sontag, stating: "The two first met in the late '80s, when Leibovitz photographed her for a book jacket.

I say that in light of people like Liberace who went to his deathbed denying he was gay and took a lot of effort to conceal the fact even after his death Obviously people like Julius Ceaser and other historical figures are never going to be known. There's a famous slander that his opponents used about him being an Eastern king's "wife" when he was a young man.Since then, nobody's being outed or outing himself or herself has been a surprise. I was really confused when Pete Townsend made his announcement. People act like Neil Patrick Harris is super obviously gay (ie his inclusion in the OP's list with Paul Lynde), but I was rather surprised when I heard.I read such things as Film Actors: Gay Male with a measure of indifference. There's nothing stereotypically gay about him that I can see.Though she has never been real closeted, Portia De Rossi was the most surprising. I could have sworn he was in one of the Academy Award Death Montages a few years ago. For years, a complaint trope from the black community was that they were invisible in history books expect for the token appearance of George Washington Carver.I find it hilarious that the two best characters on TV, Barney Stinson (HIMYM) and Veronica Palmer, are both convincing hetero, sexually aggressive tomkats, yet both are played by gay actors. I remember being surprised when Sophie Ward came out. To which the gay community could say "you think you're invisible?Not just surprised but horrified when the word started getting out that James Dean was at least bi, if not full-blown gay. Only one black guy acknowledged, but what's the one thing about him not acknowledged?