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Dating a girl with bad breath

Likewise persistent and foul body odor especially in the genital regions could signal an infection and when accompanied by other symptoms like rashes and discharges, sexually transmitted diseases too.

At the outset, consider how well you know your partner.

If you have just got acquainted with this girl or guy, all it may take to remedy the situation could be perhaps a well-placed hint.

If it’s bad breath that is putting you off, try the age-old “here’s-a-gum” trick.

When you are with your partner, off him/her a gum or a mint as casually as possible and for good measure start talking about how disgusting it is when people don’t practice oral hygiene.

So even though it may be a touchy subject, bring all your diplomatic skills to play and leave a series of subtle hints on how it may be easier for you to get closer to him or her.

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And when they do that, don’t forget to show how pleased you are – this will not only help them to realize what was bothering you but also encourage them to be more mindful of their personal hygiene in future.

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In fact, rather than musky or woody, the newly-showered is by far your favorite scent!You could even do this while watching TV together and when a relevant commercial comes up.Discuss the various causes which are responsible for these problems and point out remedies which help to maintain personal hygiene.If you know or perhaps like this girl or guy well enough to give them a gift, settle on a nice perfume or cologne within your budget and make a big deal of it.Tell them that you went to great lengths to find out what fragrance would suit them best and ask them to wear it whenever they are with you.While short-term bad breath may be caused by consumption of strong-smelling foods or lack of oral hygiene, if the problem persists for long and does not appear to be solved by occasional mints or mouth gargle, it could be indicative of underlying dental problems or lifestyle causes like smoking.