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Dating internet research chicago dating

Jeannie Assimos, senior managing editor at e Harmony, urges potential daters worried about being computer savvy to look past the technology.

She’d tried online dating, but became disenchanted after potential suitors posted outdated photos or never showed up for their date.

“I had become a widow after 43 years of marriage,” she told TODAY.

Then he contacted a woman named Marky Thorsness in early 2012. She lived on a ranch outside of Durango, Colo., where she grew hay and gardened.

The only problem was that Thorsness’ daughter had started the profile without telling her mother.

‘I kept saying no’Nancy Depcik’s young girlfriends kept asking her to sign-up for online dating, and she kept saying no. “I always felt I would meet someone through what I considered the natural way.”It also didn’t help that Depcik, 63, went through a traumatic breakup five years prior in which she ultimately lost the house and business she shared with her ex. Depcik was resigned to being alone until she attended a wedding where watching happy, dancing couples left her feeling depressed.

He met a few interesting women, but there were also disappointments.“A few ladies,” Fleming said, “were less than honest in their presentation.” One woman listed her age as 72, but confessed in person that she was in fact 86.

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“Once you get to be older than dirt, you’re not going to bop off to the local gin mill,” Fleming said.Depcik recently moved from Chicago, her hometown, to be with Cox in Madison.After seeing her success, she says, all of her friends want to join an online dating site.“They saw I was struggling to date,” she said.Toward the end of their date, Joan, feeling nervous and confused, decided to take a chance.“Is this what they mean by love at first sight? Richard paused for a moment then said, “Yes, I do believe it is.” The couple, who now live in Coronado, were married in 2010 after a 15-month long distance relationship.They urge their single friends to try online dating.Our, owned by, is a site for singles over 50, and AARP even has its own matching service, powered by the dating company How About We.