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They said there was plenty of room and splitting the rent four ways instead of three sounded good to everybody.

Billy always had a thing for redheads, could never really explain why, it was just a natural attraction.

After returning from an extended trip he moves in with friends and meets a cherry top that really got a rise out of him!

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And after he’d been with a few he discovered that what turned him on even more was when he finally laid his eyes on the bright red strawberry patch between their legs.

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One of the fringe benefits of their jobs was that they knew a lot of cute and sexy college girls. He asked to me to come over.” “Well,” he said, “I’m not his keeper and as you probably know, Tim does his own thing, but you’re welcome to come in and wait. He seemed to remember Tim bragging about some shapely, perky co-ed he had had his way with. She was easy to talk to, laid-back with an innocent feel.STRAWBERRY TARTS Billy always had a thing for redheads.All the way back to his childhood he was attracted to red-headed girls, always thought they looked interesting, different, adventurous, exotic and erotic.Billy dated several in high school, but like most relationships at that age, the liaisons were short-lived.One was the twin sister of a guy he played baseball and basketball with, a year younger, but it didn’t work out.As his trip was winding down, it worked out that three of his buddies were renting a big house and invited him to move in when he got back off the road.