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We, too, have been given plenty of chances to say “I don’t know” in our lives so far. Once we’re burdened with the full weight of responsibility for our own lives, we quickly realize we have no confidence. A history of achievements needs history as much as it needs achievements. More and more, helicopter parents keep sheltering their children and it turns them into incomplete adults. What if, in that minute, you’d had the guts to reach out and say: of these moments.

Compared with other Asian girls though, they are much more conservative and they will often expect a serious relationship.

Girls who don't mind having a one night stand are pretty rare.

For this reason, I would recommend Vietnamese girls to guys who are already willing to settle down.

A good way to meet Vietnamese girls is by using dating websites.

It is surprisingly very easy to date Vietnamese women.

Going through adolescence, we untie our self-worth from our parents and attach it more to our peers. This does not make our challenges any easier, just easier to bear. This is an important change that helps us integrate in the real world: we learn to rely on our friends. When I was 13, everyone in my class started using a service called ICQ. We must remember why we use technology to communicate. Even though everything Sean has thrown into Will’s face is true, he’s still willing, still curious, to learn from his fellow human:“I can’t learn anything from you I can’t read in some fuckin’ book.

Having not had enough time to build it, and with no foundation for our confidence to rest on, it only takes a brief, lonely moment of clarity as we grow up for it to crumble. Teenagers enjoy chatting less, but because of its dopamine-inducing nature, they get addicted anyway. Instead of learning to control our mood with serotonin, or what it feels like to be loved with oxytocin, we go on a dopamine-only diet. Gambling, alcohol, sex, most addicts find their drugs as teens. Thus, when our self is shattered, we have no one to turn to. We look at our peers through 4", 12" and 50" screens and all we see is everyone’s highlight reel.“And if I asked you about love y’probably quote me a sonnet. A chance to say “I don’t know.” An opportunity to admit that he’s scared and talk about his feelings. But at some point, you had a terrifying epiphany: It’s one of those moments where you can feel the metaphorical glass shattering, because your view of the world forever changes. One of the most popular quotes in the world is a 2,000 year-old line from one of the wisest men ever: Imagine how liberating that must’ve felt. We can see that it’s working, because Will, for an on-screen eternity of four minutes, does not say a word. Here is a scene in which the main character doesn’t do a thing, yet it is pivotal, not just in the movie, but also for our lives. The shattered self is something all humans go through, but, according to Simon Sinek, there is a group that experiences this traumatizing, but important event very early in their lives: millennials. In an instant, the house of cards that was his sense of confidence collapsed. Every single thing you’ve ever been dying to say, but never dared to — every feeling, every thought, every question, every idea — it all starts from here. Whether you show this scene to someone born ten years before the movie came out, or ten years after, they can relate. The reason my generation stands out is not because of our age, but because of how we react to this event. As Sean continues his speech, Will’s expression hardens more and more. For many of us, entering the real world feels exactly the same.