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The anemia has to be fixed before he can get the venous radiation treatment which is being done to help fix some pain issues in his bones.

I didn't have a flat polyp and they thought I might have Lynch because my grandmother died of cr cancer, my 2nd cousin had cc cancer and my aunt had ovarian. They keep the tumors but if it's really small there may not be enough to complete all of the testing.

My tumor was small and they complete the last part but she said that everything came back that they tested that I didn't have Lynch. I'm not sure if I did have Lynch that I would do anything any different with my children. I do however have to now see a GI doc that specializes in Lynch. My uncle just found out he is positive and my twin sister is waiting on results.

The Lynch tumor testing only took a couple of days and gave me, my sister and Mom better information for our future screenings. Good luck to you and your Dad.~Michelle Count me in Michelle's boat.

The Geneticist I went to said it's still possible I have Lynch, just not a type that they can test for at this time. My tumor was flat and necrotic, aka fungiated and I was 29... Remember though that once the tumor becomes necrotic, the original polyp may be destroyed so you may never know if it was flat or stalked. I've come away from this thread knowing a lot more than before I started it.

I think, but I could definitely be wrong, that the recommendation for your next scope would be 1) if ever you develop symptoms, or 2) when you are 50, or 3) when you are 10 years YOUNGER than your dad at his diagnosis. The tumor was described as fungating on the pathology report. At the hospital where I had my surgery, it is standard procedure to automatically test all colorectal tumors for Lynch/MSI in young patients.


Ski, what an interesting comment about the necrotic tumor causing destruction of the polyp. I guess the fungating tumor is party of why he is so anemic.Any ideas on how to improve hemoglobin levels a little bit before his is admitted to make restaging and anemia treatment easier on him?


Thank you everyone for the information on Lynch and fungating.Polyposis just means a lot of polyps while nonpolyposis means not having a lot of polyps, right?Polypoid means that the tumor has the shape of a polyp. Basically, what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not my daughter, her future children, and myself need to be worried about Lynch.The terms polyposis, nonpolyposis, polypoid and nonpolypoid are confusing my understanding of Lynch.I know this will not completely fix the anemia but I'm hoping it will help his energy level a little bit.