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She founded SELFINA, working to increase the incomes of self-employed women through micro-credit and micro-leasing.

That setup, plus an i Pad with a Skype connection, is all she's needed to do the show from here since July.

The room, like the rest of the house, is minimally decorated, with nearly empty bookshelves – she's had other priorities."Over the years," she says, "people have often said to us that they were going through some horrible thing in their life – maybe the worst thing that had ever happened, or that they could think would ever happen – and that, somehow, in that state, we made them laugh.

Iraqi officials have said their security forces, which collapsed in the face of the initial onslaught, have stalled the ISIL advance.

just as the crisis was unfolding in Mosul, far to the north, and she said at USIP that she was anxious to get back.

When her husband died unexpectedly in 1991, she was left with her three children and realized that she had no property in her own name, or collateral or credit history.

During the surgery, doctors were initially pessimistic as they discovered how far the cancer had spread.They emerged every couple of hours to share increasingly dire forecasts with Quivers' friend Susan Schneidermesser, who passed on the updates via phone to Quivers' other friends.

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'" But she found herself breaking down in tears at the thought of it."Robin, you don't have to do that," Stern told her. We don't have to address it at all."So for 17 months, as Quivers endured chemo and radiation, they didn't mention any of day last May, shortly after a 12-hour operation that had surgeons flipping her around "like Cirque du Soleil" as they struggled to remove a grapefruit-size tumor and surrounding cancerous tissue from her pelvis, Robin Quivers finally discovered the limits of Howard Stern's sense of humor.She had woken up around midnight in a darkened recovery room, lying immobile for seven hours, listening to other patients' bells and buzzers going off, pondering possibilities.On a clear and bright late-September day, Quivers is sitting in a big purple-striped chair in her second-floor office, where translucent cream-colored curtains let in the autumn light.Perched on a glass-topped desk to her right are a serious-looking microphone and a pair of headphones that are plugged into a tiny mixing board connected to a rack of studio gear.Awardee Victoria Kisyombe invests in women as well – in her own country of Tanzania.