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The Western Ghats is considered as one of the global biodiversity hot-spots.

"We are undertaking the computerisation and digitisation of property cards and modernisation of land records.

Online mutations of 7/12 extracts (rural/agricultural land records) and property records will also be provided," said Chandrakant Dalvi, settlement commissioner and director of land records, Maharashtra.

Land given on lease is for a particular period and has an annual rent while that on occupancy basis is akin to occupant class II land but with slightly more rights.

Though the holders do not need the permission of the government for loans, sale or mortgage, this land has to be used for the set purpose.

It covers the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharastra and Gujarat.

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The state has around 55 lakh property cards and about 2.40 crore 7/12 extracts.

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About 60% of the Western Ghats is in the state of Karnataka.The Western Ghats comprises of over 5000 vascular plants, of which about 30% of which are endemic to the Ghats.Western Ghats also has over 450 species of birds 35% endemic, 140 mammal species ( around 20% endemic) and 260 reptile species (over 60% endemic).Instead of visiting the city survey offices to get these details and help cut down on time-lags and red tape, people will be able to view details of property cards, such as the CTS number, plot number, area in square metres, encumbrances and mutations recorded, at the click of a button.Mutation is the process of changing the ownership details in the land records.The Western Ghats stretches to Sri-Lanka which is separated by about 400km from the Indian Mainland but the present website right now offers information mostly on the Indian part of the mountain hot spot.