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An error on the map shows East Main Street on the south side of The Green, instead of West Main Street, which is on the south, west, and north sides.

Carrie's side prevailed, and the fountain was dedicated November 10, 1888.

If you prefer to view vintage images of particular areas of Waterbury rather than take the entire tour, click on the appropriate link below.

Exchange Place is where Waterbury's major east-west and north-south thoroughfares intersect.

Exchange Place, the "hub" of downtown businesses since the City was incorporated, is the place where public transportation (trolleys and later buses) from Waterbury's neighborhoods converged, allowing for frequent and easy connections to other parts of town. The original Apothecary Hall at the junction of Bank and South Main Street was built in 1849 and a new one was built in 1894. The Brown Building (left), built at the corner of South Main and East Main Streets in 1930, replaced the wooden structure that had stood at the site for over 40 years.

Howland-Hughes originally opened as a dry-goods store during a March snowstorm in 1890.

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By the early 1900s, Cornelius Cables had built two office buildings on Center Street, had become the owner of the Kingsbury Hotel, also on Center Street, and owned the Cables Apartment House, which stood for many years at 45 Prospect Street.Riders board the Baldwin Street C Trolley on the same corner around 1903.

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The Waterbury chapter was located at Concordia Hall at 123 Bank Street until the mid 1950s.Howland, a former shoe salesman, "It was at this time that my grandfather became involved," said Howard Paine, the current owner. Paine, was working part-time as a census taker in Vermont and visited Mr. The Thom Mc An Shoes Store and Donn-L Photo Studios were on the ground floor of the Hodson Building in the 1950s.The offices above the storefronts have been converted into "downtown luxury rental" apartments. Green was formed in the early 1950s through the consolidation of several dime store chains, including F & W Grand.Bauby's Corner is partially obscured behind the tree. was founded in 1882 and was known as The Waterbury Horse Railroad. "Freedom Through Organization"People wait for a bus at Bauby's Corner on Exchange Place on the morning of August 19, 1955 as Hurricane Diane strikes Waterbury.Over 10 inches of torrential rain from the hurricane, on top of the 6 inches of rain from Hurricane Connie less than a week earlier, produced the Great Flood of 1955 that devastated Waterbury and the entire Naugatuck Valley.A carriageway separates the Green from a smaller plot containing a soldiers' monument, and the First and Second Congregational and St. A hand drawn sketch map of the Waterbury Green, circa 1940s.