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I went to bed that night, feeling sick to my stomach, unable to sleep and still trying to cling to the fantasy that was Steve.

There’s a guy in two of the photos who looks enough like the photos of “Steve” that I thought it was him. Still bugs me how good an actor this guy was–he sounded genuinely happy and excited on the phone. “Steve” needed this money to settle his remaining construction debts and get home to England. He hadn’t taken his credit cards to South Africa with him, fearing identity theft. I was sort of holding my breath, afraid he’d ask and I’d have to suspect his motives. If I can easily go to a website and check the origin of an email , why can’t Match check the geographical locations of people when they sign up? His email headers revealed him to be in Johannesburg, South Africa. Why can’t Match do a tiny bit of the homework for us?

We had our longest phone conversation that day, 34 minutes, unfortunately on my dime, and it was the best talk we ever had. Seriously, can’t they even check for the right continent? In other news, I just got an email from a scammer who claims to be in Lompoc, CA.

The nanny was calling; his son needed him; oh, the pressure! Something he said during our chat that day made me uneasy, or was it the fact that an email he sent was an exact repeat of one he’d sent before (oops).

For whatever reason, I did a new round of Googling, and started reading about online dating scams. My wall of denial was pretty sturdy, but when I found a site where you can easily determine the origin of an email, I decided to try it.

His response was no; he needed to work this out for himself. On day three, he found out that Casey was vacationing with his family in Jakarta (why Jakarta? Casey was Steve’s only friend with the means to bail him out.

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No worries: his best friend Casey would come to the rescue.

And he talked about other things: going home to see his son, coming to California to meet me, the future, how much he loved me, blah blah blah. The next day, he was starting to worry because he wasn’t able to reach Casey.New reviews are however always being added, but some key titles do slip through the net - sorry.So “Steve” was stuck in Cape Town with no money and an uncashable check for about $110,000 American.Steve’s emails from Huntington Beach actually originated in Johannesburg, South Africa, as did the ones he supposedly sent from England.Small comfort: all the ones he sent from Cape Town actually originated there.Turns out when you Google “online dating scams”, you get far different results than when you Google just “online dating.” Which is why I’d never come across all this before.