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The lightships volunteer staff is extremely dedicated to the lightships upkeep, and they regularly collect information from the numerous visitors who seek out LV 101.

It was not long after her decommissioning that LV 101 was assigned to a new station.

In 1964, the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce sought ways to reawaken interest in their declining waterfront areas.

In 1944, it was the engines turn for refurbishment, and LV 101 was upgraded to a 315 HP Cooper-Bessemer diesel engine with a maximum speed of 8.2 knots.

LV 101 was decommissioned in 1964, after serving at three posts during her forty-eight-year lifespan.

The purpose of lightships was to mark very dangerous areas which were too turbulent to sustain a vulnerable lighthouse.

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Its hull is of a steel whaleback design, which helps to keep it on an even keel in stormy seas.It was one of only two such rounded-hull lightships ever constructed.

Her top speed was eight knots, which she achieved with her four-bladed propeller.LV 101 had been docked in Portland, Maine after her last stint in Nantucket, and this came to the attention of Portsmouth.The city sought the aid of Anthony Penello, a native of Portsmouth working as a fisherman in New England.LV 101 was built by Pusey and Jones of Wilmington, Delaware for $108,507.The vessel is 102 feet in length and displaces 360 tons of water.Though Portsmouth was never a lightship station, the word PORTSMOUTH was painted on the ships red hull in white letters to honor the city that saved the historic vessel.