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Tweetdeck search not updating

Twitter allows third-party clients to display tweets under the stipulation that those apps only serve banner ads, and not in-stream ads such as promoted tweets.

As Laundry Service president Jason Stein said, Twitter is losing inventory because of it, even if its revenue is growing.

Tweet Deck, the Twitter client preferred by many of the social network’s power users, has rolled out a major update which brings more of the features that such an audience would require.

With the new version, Tweet Deck has added the ability for users to create and edit Twitter lists and has added new columns for “Interactions” as well as a stalker-worthy “Activity” feature that lets you track what actions your Twitter friends are taking, too.

Also new is support for inline media previews and an option to use “RT” instead of the previously available “Quote” tweet feature. ) For Twitter’s hardcore user base, the often neglected “list making” option will be one of Tweet Deck’s most welcome additions with the new release.

Despite concerns about decelerating user growth and that more users are seeing tweets via third-party apps, Twitter continues to decline to serve ads to those Twitter diehards on Tweet Deck.

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They, like all third-party client users, never see ads, which are Twitter’s main source of revenue.

Tweet Deck is a popular Twitter client of which I am a big fan.In fact, Twitter acquired Tweet Deck in May 2011 largely because it had “designed tools for the incredibly important audience of Twitter power-users and, in turn, created value for the network as a whole,” Dick Costolo wrote in a blog post about the acquisition.And exactly how much value Twitter has derived from Tweet Deck users since that acquisition is hard to say considering.A platform’s most dedicated users are typically most averse to change.Tweet Deck users had mild fits when news broke last week that Twitter is working on displaying tweets algorithmically, for instance.Twitter initially reported that the figure had risen to 14 percent, but subsequently revised it. And it’s not that Twitter can’t monetize these users.