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It was originally published only in Europe by Artipia Games, and it has been unavailable in retail channels throughout the rest of the world.

Each player takes the role of one of those races trying to build the greatest space station.

Through card drafting, the players select locations, and use these to build their station, scoring victory points based on the placement.

introduces ambassadors with the addition of a fourth action that allows the players to invite them to their station and make them part of their Council.

Each ambassador comes with a different ability, based on his race”s strengths and capabilities.

All expansions for Components: Special Locations Ambassadorial Shuttle (2 cards) Waste Processing Facility(2 cards) Galactic Expo (2 cards) Xenobiology Lab (2 cards) Zero Gravity Area (2 cards) Defense Grid (2 cards) Casino (2 cards) Section Seal (2 cards) Logistics Facility (2 cards) Galactic Trade Centre (2 cards) Space Combat Simulator (2 cards) Alliance Strategic Command Location Set (2 cards) Mess Hall Location Set (2 cards) Administrative Sector Gateway (2 cards) Diplomatic Sector Gateway (2 cards) Business Sector Gateway (2 cards) Recreational Sector Gateway (2 cards) Military Sector Gateway (2 cards) Hotel (alternative artwork) (2 cards) Holding Cells (alternative artwork (2 cards) Ship Repair Facility (alternative artwork) (2 cards) Alien Museum (alternative artwork) (2 cards) Galactic Court (alternative artwork (2 cards) Conflict Sets Infestation (12 cards) Tokens Relocation (12 cards) Objectives Energy Efficient (1 card) Fully Operational (1 card) Something for Everyone (1 card) Multipurpose (1 card) No Delays (1 card) Reach for the Stars (1 card) Races Debos Alien Race Nyxtos Alien Race Tokens Ludons Alien Race Tokens Ambassadors Ludons (4 cards) Revuarz (4 cards) Mini Expansions Alliance Inspection (6 cards) Reactors Vak Main Reactors (2 cards) Vak Main Reactor for the 5th and 6th player (1 card) Main Reactors for the 5th and 6th player (2 cards) Power Reactors (3 cards) Other Ship Tokens for the 5th and 6th player (2 tokens) Bureau cards for the 5th and 6th player (10 cards) 10-credit token (1 token) 5-credit token (1 token) 8x Energy Cubes Players: 2-6 Ages: 10 Time: 30 mins Complexity: Easy Stock#: SG-7031 A new era has begun.

Here you will find the list of our current games, as well as any games that we have announced as a future publication!You can buy our currently available games here, and you will be able to find out when our future releases will be available. [Oh, and if you are looking for the such Earths have thus far been built.

If you own a SSD drive model, this may reduce its life span due to constant writing causing wear.This option almost disable the hard drive power management to prevent this clicks, thus preserving your ears and you drive’s lifespan at the cost of a little more power consumption.Activating this option is not recommended for the A1 models with SSD drives.Once again, the alien races rush to build the best Space Station, in order to take advantage of the new opportunities that arise.To that end, Advisors are being sent by the Alliance to assist in the construction.All expansions for Components: •4 Main Reactor cards (Square 7x7cm) •72 Basic Location cards (Square 7x7cm) •44 Special Location cards (Square 7x7cm) •12 Power Reactor cards (Square 7x7cm) •8 Objective cards (Square 7x7cm) •12 Conflict cards (Square 7x7cm) •8 Racial Abilities (punched board) •1 Score Board (16.8cm x 26cm) •4 Player markers (punched board) •1 Turn marker (punched board) •30 1-credit tokens (punched board) •10 5-credit tokens (punched board) •20 Energy Cubes (Transparent Plastic approx 12x12x12mm) •Ziplock PE-Bags •Rulebook Players: 2-4 Ages: 10 Time: 30 mins Complexity: Easy Stock#: SG-8013 “).