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He is put into Team 7, along with Sasuke Uchiha, his long-time rival, and Sakura Haruno, whom he has feelings for though she instead has feelings for Sasuke.

Due to the act of saving his life and making an outstanding performance proving him worthy of being a ninja, Iruka allows Naruto to graduate.

During an argument with the Third Hokage over how Naruto wanted to present himself on the photo of Ninja Registration Form, the Hokage is attacked by a small boy, who is revealed to be his grandson Konohamaru Sarutobi.

From there, Kakashi explains the essential need for ninja groups to work as a unit, as well as stating his own ideal that, while ninja who break the rules are scum, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.

From there, Kakashi offers to give Team 7 one final chance and leaves them with a single order to follow: not to feed Naruto.

However, knowing that they need Naruto at full strength for what Kakashi has in store for a make-up test, Sasuke and Sakura feed Naruto.

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Caught by Iruka Umino, his teacher, while defacing the Hokage monument, he tells Iruka that he did it for attention and of his dream of becoming a Hokage to win everyone's respect.However, after failing to graduate from the Ninja Academy for the third year in a row for being unable to use the Clone Technique, Naruto is approached by another instructor named Mizuki who tricks him into stealing a scroll of forbidden ninja techniques from the Hokage's residence, with a promise that he would be able to graduate if he was able to learn one of the techniques it contained.

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During the ensuing confrontation, Mizuki reveals the fact that Naruto is the host of the Nine-Tails, a fox-like monster that attacked the village twelve years ago and took the life of the Fourth Hokage who managed to seal the Nine-Tails within the newborn Naruto, which he claims is the reason for the hate directed at Naruto.Horrified by this revelation, Naruto runs off and only returns when Iruka, whose parents were killed by the Nine-Tails, refuses to accept Naruto as anything but his student.Touched by his mentor's words, Naruto proceeds to defeat Mizuki using the Multiple Shadow Clone technique he learned from the scroll.As Kakashi apparently prepares to punish them all, Sakura stands up to him, explaining that they gave Naruto food because he's a member of their team.Ultimately, finding a group who actually met his test's standards, Kakashi decides that Team 7 pass his test and accepts them as his students.Once graduated from the Ninja Academy, having drank some milk before meeting up with his former classmates, Naruto is assigned to be a member of a three-person squad before undergoing a test to obtain the rank of Genin.