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Who is catt sadler dating

“Women are paid accordingly on this network, and the difference in his salary versus theirs did not affect Jason whatsoever because he knows there are always more components to consider when determining one’s salary than gender alone.” Sadler departed E!

Jason Kennedy is on primetime evening news, plus red carpet," Berwick said at NBC's Television Critics Association panel on Tuesday.

"Our employees' salaries are based on their roles and their expertise, regardless of gender.

It's unfortunate that people who don't work there are trying to be the voice for the network.

The only story I can tell is my truth and the truth speaks for itself." Sadler announced that she was quitting the network last month in a lengthy essay on her official website.

We wish Catt well, but I hope that sets the record straight on that." Sadler, however, clearly does not agree with Berwick, the president of lifestyle networks at NBCUniversal.

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The 43-year-old TV personality is romantically-linked with Nick La Kind, an interior designer based out of Los Angeles, the New York Post reported Wednesday.The Indiana-born broadcaster - who made headlines when she left E!

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'I have a new best friend who makes me laugh every single day. He is also sober and his commitment to healthy living astonishes me.'He teaches me. I would decide to leave my job after twelve years.'Sadler last month told People how she decided to leave after learning that Kennedy - who had a similar job duties and tenure at the network - 'wasn’t just making a little bit more than me but was making double my salary and has been for several years.'She said that learning that news was 'really hard to swallow,' but set the stage for her asking for a similar salary, 'expected to be paid, based on the law and based on what [she knows] to be fair.'Sadler said that the pay issue struck her as 'heartbreaking' after she gave her 'all to this network.''It’s almost insulting because you know you work really hard ...She blamed "the decision makers" for failing to pay her what they were paying Kennedy.After 12 years with the company, Sadler said she learned during a recent contract renegotiation that Kennedy was making roughly twice her salary.She also appeared to address comments from Kennedy's wife, Lauren Scruggs, who wrote an essay defending the network, stating he "had a female co-anchor on E!News who made three times his salary." "For people to use the argument that Giuliana [Rancic] somehow made more money than Jason, that comparison doesn't work," Sadler told THR. She joined before him, she was managing editor, she had multiple shows on the network.News who made three times his salary,” Lauren Scruggs’ statement on her website read.